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The production and rapid translation of scientific knowledge into innovative policy action are crucial for confronting today’s most urgent socio-ecological challenges; however, such transformative process requires improved understanding of the individual and team dynamics of interdisciplinary (ID) and transdisciplinary (TD) research. READ MORE
#globalresearchlab Real-World Transformations in Environmental Policy Implementation How to enable the successful implementation of biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services management at the local scale to enhance human well-being in the context of climate change and ecosystem degradation in the Americas? READ MORE #decenteracademia Decentering
The core of transdisciplinary research is the co-construction of questions, knowledge, and practical solutions in collaboration with partners who hold different and diverse ways of knowing, whether these be academic, traditional, indigenous, or experiential. In these settings, the practice of decentering academia is necessary to foster distributive and equitable power relations amongst the project partners and participants. READ MORE

Transdisciplinary Research Lab for Global Sustainability

Across the Americas, the increasing scope and severity of accelerated biodiversity loss, environmental conflicts, and climate change are threatening critical ecosystem services and human well-being. To more effectively address and resolve these challenges, it is necessary to foster equitable and effective collaboration and respectful knowledge sharing among scientists from multiple disciplines, stakeholders, policymakers, local knowledge keepers, and members of the general public. Long-term innovative and sustainable changes emerge from integrating diverse world views and knowledge systems that increase local adaptive capacity to climate change and facilitate consensus-making and broader co-ownership of social-ecological solutions.

 Our project assembles a transdisciplinary, international research team currently involved in place-based natural resource conservation and global change-related projects. We seek to generate integrated sustainable knowledge by nurturing a horizontal and more equitable research collaboration process –decentering academia– that empowers a broad range of diverse stakeholders and knowledge users to co-create place-based solution-oriented research. 

Such collaborative knowledge production aims to create real-world applicability solutions and reduce societal gaps, including power asymmetries, divergent interests, and values, present in ongoing ecosystem management and biodiversity conservation governance strategies.

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How can academic researchers working in transdisciplinary teams establish genuine collaborations with people who do not work in academia?

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More than 5 years of collaborative transdisciplinary work advancing place-based socio-ecological research in global sustainability.  

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Let’s talk about current challenges that threaten socio-ecological systems, biodiversity governance processes, and human well-being in each of our case study locations: Canada, Colombia, Uruguay, and Chile.

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